The Wild World of Changing Directions

Hi, my name is Ryan, and I run this blog.

If you’re reading this, you’re more than likely one of my family or friends, and already know that. But I haven’t posted in so long, I felt like an introduction was necessary.

I haven’t posted here since August of 2014: around seven months ago.

Well, what have I been doing in that time? Have I been backpacking across Europe? Have I been traveling across the U.S? Have I spent the last seven months in complete silence, just to better understand the sound of a whisper? (Ten points if you know the movie reference).

No, nothing that glamorous or outside of my nature. However, I have been changing directions. That’s not to say that changing directions is in my nature. It’s not. I like routine. It’s actually quite weird. I dislike complacency, but I like routines. I like to know I will be able to set “X” amount of time to do “Y” task, even if the task varies. Anyways, that’s a topic for another day.

“How have you been changing direction?” you ask.

“Thank you. I will tell you, and I needed a segue.”

I am deeply passionate about helping others tell their stories. I believe that others have stories in them that are waiting to come out, and technology is a way that everyone can tell their own story. I am a software developer, so I am in a unique position to create software to help others tell their stories.

However, in going down this path, around October 2014, I realized I have never told any of my stories. It’s not because I don’t have them. Well, some I don’t get to write down, and they can fly away at times, never to be seen again. But there are several that I do capture. Those, I rarely mature or turn into anything. Those ideas just stay in a collection.

That’s not right.

If I believe that everyone’s stories matter, that means that my stories matter too. Well, here we have a quandary. How do I do what I want by creating Storyteller and also tell my own stories? I have an idea! Let’s finish Storyteller, then unleash my stories through it!

*Frantically spend several weeks drawing out what Storyteller could look like to enable deep complex stories with several layers of narratives and characterizations*

Uh, no. That’s not what Storyteller is supposed to be. Storyteller needs to be a tool for young people to be able to easily express their ideas. By October of 2014, I was able to get Storyteller to a functional alpha state, but I realized it was a bigger project than I wanted to take on by myself. I want the input of many people. I want a team to work on it with me. So, right now, Storyteller is on pause, but not forgotten. That’s the bad news.

Now, there’s always a silver lining. That one thing you don’t expect to see. As you noticed from my internal dialog in italics, I’ve been neglecting my own stories. So, since October 2014, I’ve been working on one of them. Really, it’s a story about each of us. It’s about our innate curiosity and wonder. It is a platform video game called Curiosity?. Think Mario meets Portal. It’s a platform jumper that is designed to encourage the players to ask the question “What does that do?” Right now, it’s in a pre-alpha stage with the game mechanics mostly worked out. I’m going to get it out to some internal testers as soon as I can to get feedback. Then the fun begins. Curiosity? will be a game that grows, and I hope to be able to nurture it and grow with it.

So here I am, back again. Hopefully for a little while longer this time around. I’m learning that writing is a part of who I am, even if a small part. Now just work on that discipline part…

Until we meet again.


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