So, I mentioned that I was going to be do a post on the project I’ve been working on. This is a teaser post to that post. Stay with me. This is going to describe the heart of my project, whose name is Storyteller. Storyteller is a culmination of my life’s passions. Telling stories through visual medium and software development.

As a kid, I would run through all different types of imaginative stories, as all kids do. I would live these stories out in my head and sometimes even commit them to paper on the closest computer: whether it was my family’s first computer (Windows 98 Compaq) or the laptop I begged for when going to high school. I always enjoyed creating and telling stories. But I enjoyed experiencing them as well. Often, I would snatch up the nearest book and not put it down until I was finished. I would read late into the night, often frustrating my parents who just insisted it was bed time. If I wasn’t doing that, I would play video games. I always insisted that the video games I had told a story, and it had to be intricate; a simple story just would not do. Much of this time I had as a kid was spent in my imagination, the worlds of the authors books I read, and the games I played.

As I got older, I thought it would be a great idea to try and design those video games that I loved so much, all the while neglecting what made me love them in the first place, the story. So I decided to learn how to make computer games, and my life and education spiraled out from there, leading me to the career field that I love and enjoy: Software Development.

However, that is not enough. It is not enough to simply make software. I thought it would be good enough to make good, well designed software. I realized that isn’t it either. I want to make great software that empowers people to create, thrive, and feel. I need to create this kind of software. It is the aching in my bones that drives what I do. God has given me gifts and abilities for the church, but God has given me this talent, this ability, and this perspective to drive change in the world. I have tried to run from it before, I have tried to find other avenues to express this ability I’ve been given, but nothing has ever worked. My passion always comes back to this: telling and experiencing a well crafted story. And around March of 2014, I decided to dive into that passion and I began developing Storyteller.

The heart of Storyteller is to create a iOS app that will allow users to express themselves in this new medium of touch in a way that allows interactivity, exploration, and imagination.  I am a Storyteller, and so are you. We are all Storytellers.


That being said, I found a wonderful video tonight that captures an idea of what I am doing. During Google I/O, Google’s developer conference, the ATAPS (Advanced Technology and Projects) group demoed something they’ve been working on called Spotlight Stories. This starts around the 36 minute mark, but it is an exploration like none other on  the art of stoytelling and the combination with the technology of today. (The drawing by Glen Keane was quite amazing as well. 46 minute mark). This is what I want to do.  ATAPS is amazing and pushing boundaries in everything they are doing. That is my desire. Pushing the boundaries of what we think we can do with the technology we have. There is so much more to explore.


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