One new thing

Last week, Jon said to write down one new thing that you need to learn. My one new thing is actually developing software the right way. See, I have a desire to create. Not just to create, but to create well designed software. There are ways of ensuring that software is more correct: unit tests, acceptance tests, all of those things I know about but truly need to learn. These are my new things. In the process of doing these things, I’m learning new ways of managing myself. I’m moving towards an agile process for my software development. Not exactly scrum, not exactly anything else.

There are a multitude of other things that I want to learn, such as how to mix my love of developing and make a successful product or business out of it. If that will happen, I don’t know. I know God has put a passion in my heart to create software; at the moment, it seems like it’s iOS software, but if that changes, then so be it. I’ve got to strive to make the most of my talents and learn the most that I can.


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